El Sanjuanino Empanadas

Buenos Aires is no longer a cheap destination, especially when you are on a budget. We discovered this little gem within walking distance of our apartment and it is just magnificent. You can get nine different types of empanadas and they cost six pesos ($1.29) each. Needless to say we have already been there twice…

Yesterday we decided to do something touristy and visited the Recoleta cemetery, whose most famous resident is Eva Peron ( or at least the one most people come to see!) We had trouble finding her until we spotted a gaggle of Japanese tourists and decided to follow them. God bless you Japan!  

I wish you spoke English more like a Spaniard!

Today we wandered down to Palermo and ventured into a park.  We spotted a gorgeous old man reading his newspaper and Nick approached him asking if he could take his photo.  When Nick told him he was from Australia the man told him to sit down and relax, and then launched into a long story…

Our neighbourhood in Buenos Aires

We have been here less than 24 hours and Nick has already been to the Disco twice. A great name for a supermarket chain! Dog walkers are all the rage.  Seven is the most dogs we have seen but we have heard 14 can be standard!

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