Put your lighter in your shoe along with your gun and knife!

February 11, 2012 by Karen

Riot police, three pat down security searches, beers, ‘unlimited Choripán’, blow up tunnels, ice cream sellers, cheer girls leaving nothing to the imagination, banners declaring “We will die before we are separated” and jumping fanatical fans……..just another night at La Bombonera!

‘La Bombonera does not tremble, it beats; it beats to the rhythm of the blue and gold hearts that suffer, laugh and cry for this unequalled passion.’

We took a tour last night to see Boca Junior’s opening match of the season, along with what appeared like every gringo currently in Buenos Aires. It was a mix of emotion, sheer joy and slight trepidation, especially when we were all corralled into what seemed like someone’s garage just outside the stadium. We were told to stay inside for our own safety, while they loosened us up with a few beers and ‘unlimited choripan.’ During the game three police stood guard over our bay and at the end of the game our exit was blocked by riot police who looked liked they had stepped straight out of a police academy movie.

Our guide was unfortunately a River Plata fan and seemed extremely uninterested in the game. He was one of those people who believed that when you speak English to gringos you needed to insert profanities into every sentence. He sent an interesting text during the game, not realising perhaps a gringa on his tour could read a bit of Spanish. We really had to squash the desire to say to him, “I hope you have just sent that to your wife!’

We booked out tour with LandingPadBA and we would definitely recommend them.


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