Ugly Uyuni

May 30, 2012 by Karen

Ugly Uyuni

“Seemingly built in defiance of the desert-like landscape, Uyuni stands desolate yet undaunted in Bolivia’s southwestern corner. Mention Uyuni to a Bolivian and they will whistle and emphasize ‘harto frío’ – extreme cold. Yet despite the icy conditions, which are compounded by the fact that, no matter how you plan it, you always seem to arrive at 2am, Uyuni’s got a cheerful buzz about it. Travelers arrive and eagerly plan a trip around the Southwest Circuit; those who return see Uyuni with new eyes, as a sort of paradise filled with much-missed daily comforts.
Although there’s not much to see here, and the wind chill can strip your soul bare as you pace the wide streets, Uyuni’s isolated position and outlook elicit an affectionate respect from both Bolivians and foreign travellers.”

– Lonely Planet Bolivia

I have one word for you Lonely Planet and it’s RUBBISH!

If I was writing the blurb I would say…………
Uyuni is one of the ugliest places in the universe and is filled with rubbish. It looks like people have just taken all of the rubbish from their houses and thrown it on to the streets. There are black plastic bags as far as the eye can see. After returning from four days in the pristine wilderness travellers will be apaulled by the sight of Uyuni and will want to escape as fast as they can. Unfortunately the next bus out is usually at least five hours away. Those unlucky enough to be stuck in Uyuni for a few hours should consider a trip out to the cemetery of trains. It is again filled with rubbish but has a certain charm about it.














  1. Marguerite says:

    Love the Uyuni photos!
    And the Lonely Planet bit was hilarious! What were they thinking??
    And am enjoying your blog very much
    Marguerite (from Tasmania…)

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