About Us

wpid-Photo-04052013-424-AM.jpgWe are Karen and Nick, a professional couple from Australia, who found ourselves in stressful jobs, suffocating from a lack of breathing space. In 2012, we made the decision to have a year off to go travelling and do some volunteer work overseas. Some space to breathe became the blog name we used to document this year away for family and friends.

In her former life Karen was a primary school teacher who has lived in London and Chile, following her teaching career. She is extremely well travelled and particularly enjoys longer stints in places, allowing her to get to locals and to become part of the local community. Her other interests include yoga, reading, touch rugby and volunteer work.

Prior to the year off, Nick pursued a full time career in the IT industry for a large corporate company. When travelling, he enjoys the opportunity to connect with fellow travellers and locals alike, sharing the growth opportunity travel provides. His other interests include photography, writing, volunteering and reading.

We have taken the step of creating this website to share our experiences and empower other people to make the choice to live a freer existence.