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‘A dog is the only thing on earth…………’

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

― Josh Billings


We got lots of love from an 11 month old puppy when we did two stints of house sitting in Richmond looking after Otto.

He might look like an angel but if left alone for too long Otto behaved like a devil!


We loved being in Richmond and exploring a new part of Melbourne. I enjoyed this sign on a fence in our new street.
It was fun discovering the market held every Saturday morning despite the fact it had been there 40 years!
The ‘Tree of Us’ on Church Street became our favourite coffee shop….
…And burger joint. They do $2 beers with any burger on a Thursday night and we found ourself there a few times!
Nick took on the Stelios….named after the guy who ate three of them and then had to take a week off work!
We celebrated the Melbourne Cup long weekend with a trip to the Moonee valley Friday night races. It has had a bit of a make over since the last time we were there. No more white plastic chairs! I taught an ex student of mine all about probability and statistics much to her father’s delight!
Melbourne cup day was a cracker and we had Nick’s family over to celebrate his mum’s birthday.
We found John’s racing hats hanging on the coat rack and could not resist putting them on to watch the race.
Otto enjoyed the company but was worn out by the end of the day!
Look who is now playing for Richmond!
A new Richmond Icon
We loved Otto and all the love he gave us and felt sad saying goodbye to our gorgeous little man. On the flip side it will be lovely to be able to walk around the house without having our toes licked!

Thank you John and Gerry for contacting us through Aussie house sitters!


‘When the cat’s away…..’

‘When the cat’s away, the mice will play.’

While Nick was living it up in Sri Lanka I was having a good time too!

Zoe, the owner of Brunswick Travel and Tour offered me an amazing opportunity to run her travel agency for a month while she was on holiday. It was fantastic work experience and I enjoyed using my brain in a different way.

A cafe along the bike path on my way to work was offering free coffee and music for cyclists!
Paula and Charles were down from Townsville. Charles was working while Paul was on school holidays and in Melbourne on a junket! We went to the Comic’s lounge with Amanda and Cally to see Corrine Grant and a great night was had by all.
On Grand final morning we headed out to the Yarra valley and found ourselves at the Chandon Winery……….as you do!
The wine tasters.

Despite not drinking a drop I had a great time.

Grand final afternoon was spent with the Keoghs. I was in the minority going for Freo. Paula and Charles were threatened with walking home if they did not go for them as well.

The fun continued on Nick’s return with a girls night out to Babba with Wendy Karen. My wig showed a fringe on the packet but I was disappointed when I opened it and found it missing. (Hence the scarf and looking like I have a head injury!)
I think I have found my outfit for the next Babba evening. Check out those plastic raincoats and white boots!

I think I will have to let my cat go away more often!


Let’s hear it for New York!
With our time in New York running out we ventured upstate to catch up with our dear friends Britt, Sandra and their gorgeous girls Miska, Tamia and Meli who we did a work exchange for last year in Chiloe.
We stayed in Britt’s dad’s home right on the edge of the lake near Cooperstown and enjoyed amazing hospitality.
Who needs swimmers when you can wear a singlet and your pyjama pants?
Nick and Tamia doing a spot of fishing.
It was a tough afternoon out on the water.
Reunited with the gorgeous Meli.
The next morning before heading back to New York we went for a quick visit to Cooperstown.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend guys. It was SO great to catch up with you again.

The time had come to say goodbye to New York. It was an amazing month and we loved every minute of it.

We definitely were not ready to leave but knew that all good things must come to an end!

As the song says….

‘These streets will make you feel brand new

Big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York

New York, New York’


Special thanks to Sofie, Aron, Ella and Zac for generously giving us their apartment and for Milla (Sofie’s sister and my gorgeous friend) for arranging it for us. It was an adventure we will never forget.


Mum and dad left New York on the morning of July 24th and Dann and Mark (Nick's sister and her partner) arrived the same evening. We managed to fit in quite a few things in between.
We headed downtown and popped into the beautiful Trinity church.
Wall street was the next stop and we could not resist a stop outside the New York Stock Exchange.
Ncik thought he might try to ride the Wall Street bull.
We were not the only ones there!
This guy had some balls!
That evening before Dann and Mark arrived we met the lovely Lisa uptown and enjoyed a walk down by the river.

We decided to join Dann and Mark on their first walking tour with Max and rack up our fourth tour with City Rovers. We did the CITY OF DREAMS TOUR – DISCOVER EAST VILLAGE, LITTLE ITALY, AND SOHO

Before the tour started we went to McSorleys for a pre-tour drink.

We enjoyed this park!
Danielle and Mark enjoyed the treat at a local bakery.
The street art was really cool!

We couldn't resist taking Dann and Mark to our favourite Mexican place on 7th Avenue for dinner while they were with us. It was our favourite combination of great food with a cheap and cheerful price tag!

Another day Dann and Mark treat us to a food walking tour with Foods of New York.
Before the tour started we grabbed a coffee and enjoyed how seriously the milk delivery man took his job.
We also had fun in one of the local shops. Chicken hat anyone?

The tour of Greenwich village started with pizza.

And went on to include many different tastings…..
Heather, our guide was great! Arinchini balls anyone?
We celebrated Dann and Mark's upcoming wedding early with a dinner at Palma (featured on our walking tour) as their wedding present.
And ended with a last trip to the roof terrace.


Thanks Dann and Mark for allowing us to share in your honeymoon and for the amazing foodie walking tour you took us on. We had a wonderful time with you and we never forget our shared New York adventure!