‘Come sit with me and be at ease………..’

July 30, 2013 by Karen

I was fortune enough to go to Central park twice on the same day.

In the morning I went with mum and dad and we hired a pedal cab to take us to see the main sites. It was such a hot day and we felt sorry for Dorian before we even got in.

The new 90 floor luxury apartment block being built sticks out like a sore thumb. Penthouses on the top floors are starting at about 90 Million dollars. It is being called Billionaire's Haven.
Mum and dad at the Bethesda fountain.
Walking toward Bethdesa terrace.
Might have been a little early for ice-cream but it was so hot it had to be done!
Looking down 'The Wall'
Looking towards San Remo Towers
John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields. Seems the thing to do was to stand on top of it to prove you had been there.

In the afternoon we joined the Central Park: Secrets, surprises and scenery tour with out favourite tour guide and founder of City Rovers, Max.

Max treated us to a Belgium waffles to get our energy up at the start of the tour.
The designers of Central Park wanted it to be a living art work. Looks like they achieved their wish!
Big bird and Elmo were also enjoying the park.
Having a rest on the grass in front of The Dairy.
The Dairy
Walking down 'The Mall'
Max sitting under the street sign that immortalises the designers of the park. They did not want a statue!
Bethesda Terrace
An amazing acrobat performing in the shade. He actually held that pose for about 10-15 seconds!
Looking towards the boat house.
One of the ways the park raises money is by getting people to sponser a bench. All you need is a spare $25000 if you want your own special plaque. For $7500 you just get the bench.

Or you can sponsor a tree…….

The beautiful Bow Bridge, popular place for wedding photographers and movie crews.
Looking towards San Remo Towers
John Lennon memorial at Strawberry fields without the tourists on it.
The Dokota building where Lennon was shot and where Yoko Ono still lives today.
Looking back towards the city.
Shakespeare's garden
Belvedere castle
View from the castle

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Central Park. If you do not want to walk too far the pedal cab tour is a good option. If you are up for a walk and want to learn many interesting things along the way we would definitely recommend the tour with Max. In such a busy city it is nice to have an escape, somewhere to sit for a while and watch the birds, squirrels and trees!


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