Two very different tours of Brooklyn.

September 17, 2013 by Karen

'They will see a lot more of Brooklyn than you will!'

– Comment made by the tour guide when he asked why I wasn't doing the bus tour with mum and dad and I told him I had booked a walking tour for the following day.

Before taking mum and dad down to meet their Brooklyn Bus tour we squeezed in a coffee and a treat at mum's favourite coffee place in Chelsea.
Mum looked pleased with the selection.
But not as happy as dad!
Mum managed to get my camera to work on this tour. (She kept turning it on and off when I sent them up The Empire State building!) As I did not go with them I have no idea what the photos are of.
Mum and dad loved their tour and got off the bus just as the downpour started.
We could not resist a stop at Mc Sorleys, the oldest irish Pub in New York on the way home.

Prior to the 1970 the motto here was “Good Ale, Raw Onions and No Ladies”

The inside of the pub has not changed much since the 1860s. There was even still saw dust on the floor.
One for each hand! You get two 3/4 filled beers for $5.00. Dad was thrilled with his bargain!
That night we had 'the last supper' in Hell's Kitchen to celebrate mum and dad's second last night in New York. Despite the look on their faces we actually had a lovely meal.
We were a little under dressed but I was pretty chuffed with my new t-shirt.
We met Max outside the Woolworth building
And slowly made our way towards the bridge…
A groovy new apartment building in downtown Manhattan.
The walk across the bridge began……
I particularly enjoyed this plaque in the middle of the bridge.
'Back of every great work we can find the self sacrificing devotion of a woman.'
The bridge offered great views back to downtown Manhattan.
When we made it to the other side we walked into DUMBO, (Down Under Manhattan bridge Overpass) a groovy area with warehouse conversions, coffee shops and restaurants.
These blow up rats are ordered and placed outside workplaces when there is a union dispute going on. This one was obviously about asbestos.
We walked through the new Brooklyn Bridge Park.
The tour finished with a walk into Brooklyn Heights, where you get a lot more bang for you buck than in Manhattan.
We were surprised by how quiet it was in Brookyn compared to the constant honking and sirens in Manhattan.
We had lunch at this wonderful cafe before heading home.
We enjoyed the art work on the subway on the way home.

Although mum and dad saw a lot more of Brooklyn than we did, we loved our third walking tour with City Rovers and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. If you are heading to New York take the time to cross the bride to Brooklyn. You will not be disappointed.


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