9/11 Memorial

August 18, 2013 by Karen

The last time I was in New York I stood at the top of one of the 'World Trade Centre' towers so I felt it was fitting that I went back to see the memorial site. Although it is a work in progress, as memorials go it is very tasteful. If you are planning to visit the 9/11 Memorial be sure to get your free tickets on line Here

Base of the first tower.
Happy to be at the memorial after a long line and many ticket checks.
Names of some of the people who lost their lives.
The base where the second tower stood.
The 'Freedom Tower' which is not quite finished.
Standing under the 'survivor tree.'
I loved these eye mosaics at the subway station on the way home. Were they reminding us that 'big brother' is watching?

Although it doesn't take long to visit, we would still recommend doing so.


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