‘If you’re to going be thinking anything you might as well think big.’

August 18, 2013 by Karen

'If you're going to be thinking anything you might as well think big.'
Donald Trump
No trip to New York would be complete without a walk down Fifth Avenue where all the big fashion labels and shops reside.
Donald Trump is a big name in New York and we were curious to check out his Trump Tower.
We also wanted to see Fao Schwartz, known for its life sized stuffed animals and high end toys.
The ground floor of Fao now had lollies galore and it seemed that bigger was better.
This gummy bear would take a while to eat!
Mum loves sour worms but this was a little over the top!
The piano Tom Hanks played in the movie 'Big.' Yours to take home for a stack of cash!
We enjoyed seeing all of the different toys for sale and were pleased we had no children with us nagging us to buy things!
Dad liked these stuffed bears but would have had to paid for another seat to get them back to Australia.

Dad was relieved that our trip into Tiffany only resulted in a visit to the bathrooms. He was sweating a little when mum mentioned rubies. Lucky for him they did not have any!


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