‘I am happy to visit one church a day………’

August 21, 2013 by Karen

'I am happy to visit one church a day with a maximum of two churches for the whole trip!'

– Dad's response when I asked if he was happy to visit a few churches.


Our prayers started early that morning, not in a church but in the The Australian pub where we watched the State of Origin decider.

The pub was full with mostly NSW supporters. Thankfully our prayers were answered (not Nick's though) with a Queensland win.
The first church on our list was The Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine.
There was an extremely bizarre but interesting art exhibition on in the church by a South African artist with an apartheid theme.
St.Patrick's Cathedral was next on the list. It was just a shame it was under scaffolding, inside and out as I am sure it was beautiful!

That was the church quota filled for the trip and we were looking forward to our Brooklyn Bridge adventures!

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